Meet William Eric Linzey:

Hi, I’m William Eric Linzey, Owner of 19Seventeen, LLC

I work with business owners transforming business operations to be fit for growth. Working with small business owners and organizations to improve internal business operations is key to developing a successful road map. One way to envision working with me is to decompose your business plan; then, we recompose it. 

One of the many ways I work with clients is to raise awareness of all options and all possibilities in any situation so that we are free to make the best decisions for our business. 

I help my clients through a simple process:

  1. Assess where your business is right now, what your business and personal goals are
  2. Create an actionable road map directly related to your goals and expected outcomes
  3. Implement the road map and track progress

The path towards your vision and goals is never an easy one, yet we continue to push forward, and this is where my work as a Business Coach and Business Advisor will help you.

A little bit about me: 

Born and raised in the Caribbean and moved to the United States in 2000 from the United States Virgin Islands. 

My transformation into business coaching came after 27 years. Intimately involved with mapping, geodesy & global positioning systems, environmental and physical development, food security and agricultural meteorology, emergency management, disaster risk reduction, international stakeholder engagement, finance, public policy, business, and organizational development. 

I was exposed to many aspects of business globally. I had the honor of representing the United States as an Accredited Advisor and served on official delegation meetings at UN meetings in Africa, Europe, the Americas, and the Caribbean. All this and my educational achievement of an MBA provided me with the skills and experience to establish my own company and serve my clients well. 

I am an Elohim-loving and fearing man; I am a Dad; I am a Business Coach; I love what I do. I love being present when clients experience their wins in life. 

Would you like to learn more? Connect with me and message me. Always good to have a chat to see if we’re a good fit. 

Our Services


Bowie Business Education & Resilience Webinars

1-2-1 Business Coaching

This Option is a week to week program focusing on the phases of your business with an emphasis on growth strategies and implementation.

Group Coaching

A fun way to learn and grow with your peers in a group environment.

Public Speaking & Workshops

My Workshops vary from a Lunch and Learn to a Full Day Training Course. Hire William Eric Linzey for your next Seminar or Live Event.

What Clients Appreciate

  • I believe whole heartily that Eric would never lead me astray
  • Honest without being harsh
  • Commitment to excellence
  • Knowledgeable in many areas
  • Trustworthy
  • Authentic
  • Kept me accountable
  • He has taught me, “whatever you do, do it better”
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What You Can Expect

  • Energy. You always seem excited and passionate about growth.  That fire is difficult to find and it is something I look for when working with someone. 
  • Knowledge.  You have a lot of experience and knowledge that I admire and learn from.  I like working with professionals that I can grow with.  I like being able to work with you because it helps me grow as well.  And I have fun learning with you.  I like that we have discussions about challenging thoughts and that your opinions are usually if not always backed up by actual data and facts. 
  • Expertise – As you may recall, I first met you at a presentation you were giving to entrepreneurs in Silver Spring. At the first meeting and throughout our entire time together, I always was in awe of your insight and information. You know your stuff! And you’re so smart and analytical!  You always broke information down in clear and concise, bite-size pieces that even a newbie like me could understand. And your model was great! You helped me understand my own thinking at the onset which helped set the stage for our coaching sessions, and you focused on great strategies and tactics.  
  • Trustworthy – I always felt that you were a straight shooter (no chaser). I took your advice and coaching very seriously, and I trusted your guidance.
  • Encouraging – As a newbie to entrepreneurship, you were always very positive and encouraging. I always felt that I could reach the moon.
  • Personally – You’re very approachable and easy to talk to. You peppered so many real-life examples into my coaching, which helped me process things. And you’re so much fun!! I really looked forward to our coaching sessions. They were never stuffy or a dread. 
  • Authentic – I always felt that you had my best interest at heart and truly was a champion for my success. And, I always felt that you were just an authentic person.
  • Accessible – I always appreciated that you were accessible if I ever needed you – outside of our standing weekly meetings. That is, if I wanted to run an idea by you or ask for some quick advice on something before making a big decision. You promptly returned my calls, emails and texts.!

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Results Speak For Themselves

A Word From Our Happy Clients
Spirited 1, LLC

Spirited 1, LLC


“Thanks again for working with me in improving my business and teaching me on how to grow my business in successful way. I am so happy you were there to intervene when necessary and get clarity on the business plans for my business. I must say you’re awesome, my son enjoyed your expertise and knowledge. Your work with me has given me the confidence to move forward with my business in a professional way. I can move on with confidence, thank you very much. I can view my business growth in many different ways.”




"Working with William was a great experience. William is very professional and knows a lot about starting a business. He is also very patient and understanding. William helped me see things from a totally different angle and thanks to him I was able to make wiser business decisions. I highly recommend William as a business consultant. Thank you William for all your help!"

Live Well, LLC

Live Well, LLC


"I worked with Eric thanks to an opportunity provided to me by the Greater Washington Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. The best thing about working with Eric is that he understood my business and mission. His support was particularly valuable on the marketing and sales front. Thanks to our work together, I got more comfortable with my sales pitch and tactics and enhanced my understanding of the basics of building a pipeline of clients. Eric also pushed me to think big, in terms of systems, rather than one-off services. Personally, Eric was fun and easy to work with. As a small businesswoman, Eric's guidance was highly valuable."

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